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why do companies use a lockbox?

Learn how RDC can integrate remote check deposits through cash application. Thanks for submitting your review of CSC Financial Services. We really value your contributions, and so does our community of business professionals. Thanks for submitting your review of Easter’s Lock & Security Systems Inc.. Maryland’s largest independent security systems provider of physical & electronic security systems and locksmith services. Reallocation of resources – Labor-intensive payment processing is eliminated, allowing those resources to be redeployed elsewhere.

why do companies use a lockbox?

There are more people involved, which splits the payment cycle across multiple people. Most accounts receivable frauds occur when one individual controls the entire process. Instead of mailing payment to a merchant, customers mail it to the merchant’s lockbox address.

What Is A Bank Lockbox Service?

The products and services offered on this third party website are not provided or guaranteed by Frost. Reliably and securely receive payments in a secure environment each and every business day. Coordinated mail pickup and delivery ensure that all mail received is processed for deposit the same day.

Whether or not a company should use a lockbox system depends on whether the advantages of such a system outweigh the disadvantages of collecting payments under this method. First, by having multiple geographic locations closer to your customers’ locations, the postal time is likely to be faster than delivering to your business address. Second, a lockbox can shorten the processing time by having bank staff directly deposit payments into your bank account ensuring payments are received and deposited the same day. Across the cash management process, bank lockbox services have been around for decades as a way for treasury and finance teams to improve their receivables process for checks and other payments sent through the mail.

  • Your business must be a sole proprietorship, an LLC or a corporation.
  • A lockbox system can streamline the accounts receivable process.
  • Optimize Sage Intacct by adding embedded invoicing and payment capabilities with our Sage App.
  • See theremote capture lockbox workflowordownload our brochurefor details on how these payments are processed.

Services such as making scanned checks available and integrating with accounting software cost extra. Ability to view scanned checks- If the bank is set up for it, it can scan high volumes of checks using optical character recognition software. These scanned checks are then delivered to the customer via CD or uploaded to a portal that the customer can view.

This means your team saves time scanning and inputting documents. Scanning and shredding hundreds of checks is a huge burden on your accounting team, and a lockbox service could reduce that burden.

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Your customers mail checks to a bank post office box, and the bank picks them up, deposits them and sends you ready-to-post electronic files with the payment information. Today’s enhanced services offer access to digital images of checks and correspondence so you can research exceptions, eliminate in-house processing and quickly update receivables.

If you’re interested in programmatically managing checks via lockboxes, Modern Treasury can help. We can read your incoming lockbox files, reconcile the payments to your account, and save the data and images and send it over in a daily report. We even have bank lockbox support through our paper items API, which you can use to receive webhooks with structured data. If you’re interested in finding out more, reach out to us. Lockbox services have become a mature banking service and most areas typically have multiple banks and companies competing for lockbox processing accounts.

With an eLockbox service, the bank receives your customers’ online bill payments and remittance details from bill pay service providers and credits your account electronically on the same day. You can upload remittance data directly to your A/R system.

Learn How A Lockbox System Can Streamline Your Payment Collections

Whether you are just starting your lockbox operation or expanding it, our experienced team can assist every step of the way. It gives visibility to the company’s cash flow as businesses receive timely information from the bank when they process the payment. It is the time that payment via check takes to travel from the payer to the payee. Often the why do companies use a lockbox? payer takes advantage of the slow mail system and tries to delay the payment by saying that the check is on the way. But, with the lockbox facility, the payer can’t say so as the bank usually processes the payment on the same day. In addition, lockboxes are only as secure as the employees in charge of collecting payments from the boxes themselves.

Such a service is beneficial for companies that have a large customer base spread across the country, for instance, mortgage firms. However, utility companies that receive smaller payment from customers also use such a service. Moreover, such a service is beneficial for those having several branches in different parts of the country or having a large number of customers in a single or few distant locations.

Lockbox Processing Services

The best lockbox services will sit down and work the math out with you. Look for smart businesses that have a wide variety of case studies on hand. Retail lockboxes are for companies with high volumes of consumer-oriented payments such as utility payments, loan payments, etc., and these remittances often include a standardized ”payment coupon”. Healthcare Lockbox– The healthcare industry uses an automated electronic workflow to simplify and expedite every step of the revenue cycle. See thehealthcare lockbox workflowordownload our brochurefor details on how these payments are processed. Lockbox banking is mostly suitable for payments via checks.

Does USCIS lockbox work on weekends?

When you send documents or other items to the USCIS Lockboxes, they will only be picked up during business hours Monday-Friday. Think of it like the mailbox outside your house.

Others offer electronic lockboxes, whereby check payments get aggregated and then sent directly to the business bank account as an ACH deposit. This option may allow your business to get paid two to three days sooner than with paper checks. Most businesses accept forms of payments other than checks. Traditional lockbox services do not directly integrate with payment methods such as cards, ACH, EDI, or newer Internet-based digital payment rails such as eCheck. This adds complexity in a receivable process running different systems for different payment methods. Certain electronic lockbox solutions may have this capability, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Pro: Lockbox Systems Are Very Secure

From there, bank staff picks up the contents several times per day, bring them to the bank at which the merchant has an account, and process all the checks. Retail Lockbox– Used for low-dollar and high-volume consumer payments to billers often accompanied by machine-readable remittance coupons. These coupons improve information processing accuracy and allow payments to be processed quickly on high-speed equipment. See theretail lockbox workflowordownload our brochurefor details on how these payments are processed. Businesses implementing lockbox services benefit from expedited mail-handling through the use of a unique ZIP code and multiple daily pickups from the post office. Another benefit of lockbox services is the ability to use the third party’s regional processing centers to expedite collection and processing.

why do companies use a lockbox?

See theremote capture lockbox workflowordownload our brochurefor details on how these payments are processed. As credit professionals, we are always on the lookout for ways to accelerate the time to receive customer payments and lockboxes may be one way to speed up collections and improve cash flow. Because lockboxes still require tedious manual processing, the bank either uses new hires for data entry or outsources the work to contractors. The information from a lockbox payment provides all of the necessary components needed to counterfeit a check. And the volume of lockbox payments is so high that it becomes relatively easy to slip a fraudulent check amongst the legitimate payments.

Each payment and any remittance info that has been received is set to process. Most companies prefer to keep their operations in-house and thus choose to do the keying-in and payment reconciliation themselves. Even though traditional in-house processing involves a lot of manual work, it is still a cost-effective alternative to the lockbox.

A cost analysis of lockbox fees for a typical SMB indicates that a company could end up spending almost fifty thousand dollars annually. In 2004, Panini launched the MyVision X check scanner and gave birth to the concept of Remote Deposit Capture. This scanner was able to scan large batches of check payments and transmit an image directly to the bank for processing. If the checks were applied or partially applied, the advice is deleted from the system after processing. If the check was unprocessed or placed on account of customer, the advice is kept on file for further processing.

Reduce mail float by taking advantage of faster mail delivery. Frost maintains two Lockbox processing centers in San Antonio and Dallas/Fort Worth. Eliminate deposit preparation and improve internal productivity and security. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you determine which option is best for your revenue cycle management needs. We carefully monitor the chain of ownership to ensure none of your payments slip through the cracks. Instead of sending one of your team members to your P.O. DuvaSawko handles the inconveniences and security issues that dissuade groups from using a P.O.

RDC 2.0 integrates remote check deposit with straight-through cash application. Processing checks are low-value manual work and does not add value to credit or collections. A highly manual process means that teams have to deal with a lot of errors. This is why suppliers are reluctant to accept checks – payments hit the bank much later than the actual payment date and suppliers end up having to support longer credit terms than intended. The major disadvantage for suppliers is that checks come with a float of approximately three days. This is also one of the reasons check payment is favored by buyers. Your customers mail payments and supporting documents to a secure Post Office Box.

why do companies use a lockbox?

Lockbox processors can also offer data storage services by converting remittances to electronic data. Some lockbox processors offer on-line access to digital images of remittance checks and documents. GFOA recommends that governments evaluate the benefits and costs of using lockbox services to determine if advantages can be gained in the areas of accuracy, cash flow, internal controls, and efficiency. Companies that have branches in different parts of the country can arrange for multiple lockboxes near those branches.


Lockbox services eliminate the need for employees to process checks in the office. These services can be geared toward business or retail payments or a mixture of the two (the latter is known as “wholetail” lockbox). Some banks are developing reasonably priced lockbox services that can accommodate smaller-than-traditional check volumes.

Once the bank processes the payment, they inform the same to the company. Usually, the bank staff scans the images of the amount and posts them to a secure website. The company’s accounting staff accesses the image from that website and make the entries accordingly. The technological advancements of lockbox systems may now make this process beneficial, even for smaller business. With a pre-existing relationship, banks may add on the lockbox service at discounted rates. When implemented properly, a lockbox system can help improve the accuracy and speed of payment processing, as well as providing meaningful support for accounts receivable management.

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The bank opens the incoming mail, deposits all received funds in the company’s bank account, and scans the payments and any remittance information. The scanned images are posted to a secure website, where the company’s accounting staff can access the images to apply payments to outstanding accounts receivable. BNC manages your PO Box and payments in this type of lockbox service. We provide you with a new post office box where payments are mailed for daily processing. We pick up the payments, process them and provide you with payment detail information via web access.

  • Periodically, banks review the locations of these lockboxes to ensure that it benefits all.
  • Once your checks are accounted for and deposited, they’re placed in a secure and locked filing cabinet that only a few team members have access to.
  • It would be smart for you to have a lockbox in Los Angeles — that way your customer could write a check, it could be delivered to the P.O.
  • The post process function entails reviewing the status of the checks applied through the lock box function.
  • EIPP and EBPP streamline collections by integrating payment information easily with your A/R system.
  • Certain eligibility requirements, limitations, restrictions and fees may apply.
  • Wholesale Lockbox– Typically process high-dollar and low-volume business-to-business payments.

Once the message is received and stored in SAP table, a program is clicked to check the information stored in bank statement tables and create payment advices with Payment amount, invoice numbers and customer number. In these scenarios, your Accounts Receivable cash application clerks will have to perform manual application to clear payments against open items on the proper accounts. Scan remittance documents to capture payment information and provide transmissions, updating your consumer accounts receivable. Lockbox Services allows your business to accept payments from customers either by mail or online. Frost picks up your mail, processes payments customized to your needs and deposits the payments into your account. Posting of accounts receivables is more efficient and timely as payment information is available over the Internet or through data transmission.

You will scan the checks and any other payment information you receive from customers – payment vouchers, stubs, envelopes, correspondence, and coupons. Lockbox Express eliminates the need for multiple employees to sort, reconcile, process, endorse, manually post accounts receivable payments, and make trips to the bank. With an intuitive user interface, you are clicks away from scanning, entry, balancing, depositing, and exporting to virtually any billing system.